#MakeTheLane Islington event report

It was a cold start to the day at 7AM when we met on Penton Street but everyone was full of energy and keen to take part in the days event. Once we had our numbers we made our lane. It was great fun and there was lots of excitement. People driving were keen to know what was going on and majority were very supportive.

We have learnt a lot of lessons from our first action and it was overall a really positive experience. People who were cycling enjoyed having a protected space and #MakeTheLane was a hit on twitter. It was really great to see people coming along and joining the demo as it was on going. We are all very buoyed by the experience and  will be carrying out similar actions in London in the new year. So we hope if you could not make it this time you will be able to next time. If you have a suggestion for a location please put it in the comments.

The wonderful Brian Jones came along joined in and as has made some short videos about our event:

We also made the BBC  and local news which is smashing and will help spread our message further.

Joe also produced some wonderful photos and videos of the event all of this stuff really captures what a fun yet impactful event #MakeTheLane was

It was great to see so much positive energy and so many people who want to see change. It should reminds us all that we will win this battle to make our streets safe and we must not give up hope.

Once again  a huge thanks to all that came along and to all who helped promote the event.  



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